Write an Alexa skill in 15 minutes

Well, it took my husband, who has no Alexa skills experience, 15 minutes. So if you have 15 minutes, and some development skills (he has 7 years of software engineering and architecture) this is the tutorial for you. If you have zero experience it might take you 30 minutes, it might take an hour, more, who cares, you get to show off a fully fledged Alexa skill! How cool is that?! Please do try it, and if you need any assistance or clarification, just ask.

I created a Github repository that has all you need to get started. The only prerequisite is an AWS account. On my Github tutorial you can find, instructions, an index.js file, and a messageResponses.js file. When you have the whole thing up and running I suggest changing some of the content around, and maybe adding in some more. I’ll be disabling comments because of spam but I would love to hear what you think so send me a message on whatever platform I post this on.